Often when somebody asks us to create a website, a point we like to raise is the importance of Information Architecture, also known as IA. IA refers to the way in which you display your website to users. This can encompass everything including the tone of voice used on your site, the menu, the organisation of pages, overall site structure, functionality, the organisation of information, and how it’s set up altogether to make sense to the user for easy navigation.

A website should be set up in a way that is intuitive to the user so no or minimal effort is needed to perform an action on the site. Content should feel laid out in a logical manner and navigation through it should be easy. Put simply, your website must be an intuitive experience. 



Every website built with Immersive Digital will include the process of Information Architecture. Immersive Digital will work with you and any stakeholders within your business to deliver a website that is intuitive and user-friendly.


Immersive Digital will also conduct workshops with your business to develop your key content pillars, which is standard practice during the IA phase. We guarantee that your IA will be powerful and accurate so that you have peace of mind that the job has been done right the first time. 


At the end of your first month in market, Immersive Digital will also carry out a data and insights report, showcasing the performance of your website and content.



We get a handle on the type of content you want to get across 


We establish key touch points to help create your navigation


We create a template to allow your users to consume your content


We monitor data and insights to drive opportunities and enhancements

Immersive Digital believe in spreading clarity. You know, with taxonomy and ontology! Those words sound like they should be medical references, however, they are key steps we use in Information Architecture.


Talk to us today about how Immersive Digital can help you achieve IA on your website.



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