Creating a stunning website is just one piece of the puzzle. But there's no point having a website if nobody can see it. When somebody types in a keyword that relates to your business, you want to be one of the first few found on search engines, in order to be discovered by new clients. Search Engine Optimisation aids this process, and it boils down to three main categories. Relevancy, popularity and social media.


on page

On-page SEO refers to the relevancy of content on your site.  Content is usually judged by factors such as keyword density. This refers to the keywords or phrases a user is searching for. On-page SEO also takes into consideration page titles, naming conventions and more.

off page

Off-Page SEO refers to the popularity of your website. There are many factors which influence a search engine's calculation of popularity, but it is typically calculated by looking at the number and trustworthiness of links to your website.

Google now places more emphasis on the discussions customers are having about your business on social media. This puts greater importance on the quality of content you are pushing out through social media, as well as how you interact with customers.


social signals


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Search Engine Optimisation can transform the way you speak to your audience. Effective SEO will increase your ability to be found on Google, increase your traffic through to your site which in turn is likely to increase the number of leads or conversations. Contact us about how Immersive Digital can bring greater visibility to your website.

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