Visual Storytelling is the practice of using visual assets (whether images or video) to tell a story that moves and inspires viewers. Too often, we see small businesses and startups overlook the need to promote themselves visually. Sometimes, a small effort has been made to upload images or videos to a website, however, the quality of that media and its subsequent placement on a page can be to the determent of your website.


Visual Storytelling breaks down creative concepts and media opportunities to create a website that informs its users without having to rely so heavily on written content. The use of graphics, photography and video has seen a rapid growth in website development. Allowing a user to consume your content through a medium other than written content benefits your business in many ways. It can show off your personality, tone of voice, creative style, modern edge, professionalism and above all – it leaves your audience with a lasting impression.

If you offer a landscaping service, chances are you want to showcase the work you’ve done through professional photography or videography. This type of media builds trust for a potential customer, which is more likely to generate a business lead.


What type of experience do you want to provide a user?


Curate key imagery or videos you want to showcase


We build a visual story that evokes emotion and action from the user


Allow the user to be consumed by the visuals of your website


So, why is Visual Storytelling so relevant in 2018? The correct placement of beautiful imagery or videography arrests a user. That is, it grabs their attention and forces an emotive response. Visual Storytelling shows a journey, and it gives the user a great experience.


At Immersive Digital, Visual Storytelling is of utmost importance during the website build process. We will work with you to achieve a visually pleasing and informative website that shows off your brand, your products, services and personality through all forms of digital media. During the build process, we’ll ask you to provide any photography or videography you have to help with visual storytelling. Alternatively, we have professional photographers and videographers on hand that can help you capture your work.

Storytelling is a powerful approach that can, when done right, compel users to convert more effectively.​


Talk to us today about how Immersive Digital can help you achieve visual storytelling on your website.



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